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About me


Current projects

  • Maternal health and mortality in Amsterdam, 1856-1904

  • Teaching in Leiden academic Year 2022-23: courses on Digital History, Epidemics in the past etc. 

  • Supervisor CBAA, Ministery of Justice and Security (Legal Protection)

  • Co-promotor S.M. Swart, Forced adoption practices.

  • Working on book on Brabant Baby's, published by Prometheus.

  • Organization of 24th ICHS/ICHD conference, Jerusalem, 2025.

  • Internation board member LAB2PT (Landscape, space)

  • SHIP+ network (with A. Janssens)

  • ral history project with 40 centenarians (100+) about perceived health/smoking behavior and/or sexuality/contraception (with Yvonne Witter / VuMC).

  • Preparing several articles for scientific journals: Religion and Epidemics, The empowerment of midwives, A history of health and death in Leiden.

The Amsterdam Health & Disease Database 1854-1940

This project concerns the construction of a truly exceptional dataset: a database on individual causes of death for the entire population of Amsterdam for the period 1854-1940. This database includes the causes of death of all individuals who died within the city of Amsterdam in the span of almost 100 years. Just imagine that we can reconstruct the health and disease patterns for all 700.000 individuals who lived and died in this period! It will become possible to map and reconstruct the entire spatio-temporal history of death, disease, but also of medical practice in the Dutch capital as it evolved over those 100 years.

This project is carried out as a crowdsourcing project through the website. See: Do you want to be part of this exciting enterprise?  Join us on!

The dataset is now complete! Check us on Facebook 

List needs to be completed

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