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Evelien Walhout

I am an economic and social historian with a special interest in historical demography, family and gender history. I have published on infant and childhood mortality, female labour participation, adoption practices, social epidemiology, family and care systems, children and violence, and on the link between religion, health and (cause specific) mortality. Focus lies on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Affiliated and tenured Assistant Professor of Economic and Social History at Leiden University and affiliated member of the Radboud Group for Historical Demography and Family History in Nijmegen. I serve as president of the International Committee for Historical Demography/Commission Internationale de Démographie Historique.

Supervisor CBAA, Ministry of Justice and Security/legal protection.

Research director 'Life Course, Family and Labour', N.W. Posthumus research school.

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Upcoming events

Teaching various courses in the second semester of 2023-2024. Short visits in Paris and Cambridge. 
Working on National Report on Relinquishment and Adoption in 20th-century Netherlands.

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